Episode #215: Iciness Survival Information


The elements is bloodless outdoor, so this week we’re discussing our favourite wintry weather issues. The whole lot from actions, meals, and clothes.

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Display Notes:

Favourite wintry weather process together with your circle of relatives:

Elsie – Sledding with FunBoy snow sleds, sizzling chocolate, and making snowmen

Emma – Making snow ice cream, kinetic sandbox in the home, and getting an annual go to Discovery Heart

Favourite solo wintry weather process:

Elsie – Studying and looking at motion pictures

Emma – Thrifting

Remark beneath together with your comfy motion pictures and books.

Favourite wintry weather outfit:

Elsie – Fuzzy J. Team boots, leggings or pajama pants, and a number of other coats

Emma – Beanies, yoga pants with sweaters, overalls with lengthy sleeves, and lengthy socks

Favourite wintry weather meal:

Elsie – Pasta and soup

Emma – Pasta, pizza, and curry

Favourite wintry weather facet dish:

Elsie – The whole lot potatoes: hash browns and Breakfast Potatoes

Emma – Starbucks Drugs Ball

Favourite wintry weather dessert:

Elsie – Gingerbread Cookies and Sugar Cookies

Emma – Sugar cookies, puddings, and custards

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Episode 215 Transcript:

Elsie: You’re taking note of the A Stunning Mess podcast, your comfy convenience lesson. The elements is bloodless outdoor, so this week we’re discussing our favourite wintry weather issues. The whole lot from meals, actions, clothes, and many others. It’s just about a hygge episode. 

Emma: Yeah. Stuff to do within or outdoor, however, you realize, yeah, tips on how to revel in wintry weather somewhat extra.

Elsie: Sure. So, when you don’t know, we are living each in Missouri, and Missouri has the miserable wintry weather from hell. It’s now not the worst in the entire nation. It may be worse, however it’s beautiful unhealthy. And for most of the people who are living right here, because of this, like, the time period snowbird will get, like, created. It’s for individuals who are living in most of these climates. We will be able to’t take it anymore, who makes a decision to spend a couple of months in a conflict?

Emma: We don’t have youngsters in class anymore, and so they’re like, see ya, this time of yr. 

Elsie: I truthfully can’t wait, I if truth be told counted out the selection of years, which I believe is 12 years from now, that I’ll be capable of have a snowbird, and now not be having a child in class. 

Emma: Yeah. And I can say, for me, I if truth be told in point of fact don’t thoughts the bloodless such a lot. I imply, you realize, I am going from side to side with it, however I oftentimes will move vacationing puts which can be very bloodless. So, I’m now not essentially an anti-cold particular person. However. It’s the loss of daylight that makes it tricky.

Elsie: And I’d upload, the solar taking place early, for me, is like essentially the most miserable section. It simply feels such as you will have to be settling in whilst you’re like, nonetheless have a large number of issues to do for your listing for the day. And then you definately’re like, will have to I simply devour dinner and watch a display and move to mattress?

Emma: However wait, it’s best 530. 

Elsie: Yeah, this a part of the yr does put me in somewhat little bit of a gloomy position. And I do know seasonal melancholy is an excessively actual factor. 

Emma: Yeah, it’s an actual factor. 

Elsie: I don’t know if I clinically have it or now not, however I unquestionably assume someplace at the spectrum.

Emma: I’d most probably agree. However yeah, and I believe it’s been this fashion for somewhat bit however you will have the entire vacations to stay up for previous within the wintry weather, however now there’s more or less in many ways not anything to stay up for. 

Elsie: For me having my Christmas lighting fixtures up and all my proper no flakes and all of that, and it’s like apple cider season, it’s any such completely happy time of yr and, you realize, like my immense quantity of Christmas film rewatching, Christmas candles, Christmas track, like the whole thing’s very best. I really like that point of yr. After which although the elements isn’t other in January, taking all that down. And simply seeking to, like, a large number of instances you’re seeking to do, like, a wholesome month. Ugh!

Emma: No, don’t do this. I imply, get wholesome. Do no matter you need to do. However, simply don’t torture your self in anyway. 

Elsie: I think like there must be extra emphasis on, like, being comfy and being satisfied in January, February, and March, a minimum of for the ones people who are living in a dismal local weather. Anyway. 

Emma: Yeah, so we’re going to discuss our favourite, like, wintry weather stuff. However sooner than we do, we concept we might proportion, like, this is more or less comparable as it’s like additionally how we take care of wintry weather as we get away. So Elsie and I’ve plans later this month to visit Florida the place it’s sunny and hotter. We’re simply going to have a laugh, and spot some buddies. I wish to move to a book shop and in point of fact simply kick back. We’re going simply the 2 people and no youngsters. 

Elsie: We did it ultimate yr for the primary time and we went to Palm Springs and it wasn’t even heat. We have been like, we have been laying out with, I don’t even assume we wore swimsuits. We have been mendacity out at the pool chairs with like a blanket on us studying books. It was once nonetheless like such a lot higher than Missouri. So yeah, we’re excited to similar to, move someplace, get some sunshine, move on walks, devour, you realize a laugh eating places. 

Emma: Yeah, devour outdoor. It doesn’t need to be sizzling. It simply must be great sufficient to try this. You understand, so yeah, so shopping ahead to that. So we’re going to try this and we’ll inform you all about it after we get again. However yeah, we’re doing any other mother who learn go back and forth. 

Elsie: Yeah, it’s very best. 

Emma: Yeah, it’s. 

Elsie: I believe that it will have to be an every-year custom. Yeah, we’ve like deliberate some form of like epic concepts, however this yr we have been like, let’s do the perfect one as a result of Emma’s anticipating. 

Emma: I do know, I’m like, can’t do sizzling tubs, I will’t drink, I will’t, you realize, somewhat proscribing, however it’s very a laugh. 

Elsie: Truthfully, all I wish to do is like, take walks, have a look at homes, and browse a guide. 

Emma: Yeah, January is like my birthday month in my thoughts, as a result of I flip 38 at the twenty first, so it’s a just right month to shuttle, get out of the wintry weather, and have fun myself! All proper. So anyway, directly to favourite wintry weather actions and different issues. So first up, what’s your favourite wintry weather process with circle of relatives? So that is stuff with kiddos. 

Elsie: Sure. K. So when you get ready prematurely, snow days in Missouri are essentially the most epic, comfy, superb, like 10 out of 10 very best issues. So I’ve this corporate that I really like referred to as Amusing Boy. I’m going to place this within the display notes. They promote pool floaties, however additionally they do snow sleds. I really like those snow sleds. They’re simply pool floaties principally which can be in a different way coloured, like Christmasy-looking. 

Emma: Yeah, and formed like sleds and other such things as that.

Elsie: And technically you’ll use a pool floatie as a result of we did that sooner than too, to only as a sled, they make nice sleds. You don’t want a sled in any respect when you have pool footings. You in point of fact don’t. So, Anyway, I believe having that ready after which ensuring you will have the inflating gadget. Gotta have that. Simply have it, simply set it on your basement and set them there in combination and look forward to the snow to return and also you’ll be so satisfied it’s there after which you want to have sizzling chocolate. That’s the will have to. Like it’s a must to are available in and feature the new chocolate after which if you’ll, if you wish to be additional, I believe making snowmen is, like, for me, it’s, like, most sensible 3 formative years magic, like, issues you’ll do in your whole lifestyles, like, making an actual snowman is so a laugh and magical.

Emma: Sure, needless to say. Taking part in the snow is unquestionably a laugh, and if you want one thing to benefit from the snow indoors, I like to recommend making snow ice cream. It’s simply a laugh. It’s an excessively, like, child Midwest factor to do, in my view. 

Elsie: Do we’ve that recipe on Youth Magic? 

Emma: If we don’t, we most probably will very quickly. 

Elsie: K, as a result of that’s an ideal recipe to have.

Emma: K, so for us, there are a few issues. So, I determined to make our sunroom, which was once like a room in our area that more or less ends up in our yard, and we weren’t in point of fact the use of it. It had like our canine’s meals in there, and simply in point of fact more or less not anything. So, I painted it, were given a rug, installed an area heater, as it’s one room in our area that doesn’t have like, the warmth doesn’t move in there, so it will get more or less bloodless and it will get more or less sizzling in the summertime. So anyway, this time of yr, the gap heater does the trick. So anyway, so now it’s a extra comfy area. And my spouse’s mother purchased Oscar this large kinetic sand desk. So it’s more or less like this giant, he calls it a bucket, however it’s like a desk that’s like a bowl, I assume. And he cherished his sandbox. Yeah, he cherished his sandbox all summer time. And so clearly we’re now not doing that at this time as it’s too bloodless. So now we’ve the kinetic sandbox. However it’s like up off the bottom. So like I take a seat in a chair whilst I play with him and prefer construct sandcastles. However for him, it’s like his peak the place he can stand there and play. And naturally, we’re operating on conserving the sand within the sandbox and placing it at the flooring at all times. However he does in point of fact just right with it and he loves it. He performs with it after daycare. We play with it at the weekends. It’s only a great, like, factor we will be able to do indoors. After which any other factor we did is, proper sooner than Christmas, at Black Friday, we purchased an annual go to a factor on the town we’ve in Springfield, it’s referred to as the Discovery Heart. And it’s like a spot that you’ll move on Saturday or Sunday, and there’s similar to a large number of like, tutorial little issues he can play with. Oscar’s at an age, he’s two and a part, the place he’s very cell. Likes to run round, he loves to the touch issues, he likes to play with issues. And so I simply more or less like sought after a go of someplace simply to get out of our area. Now we have a large number of stuff to do in our area. However I believe I simply get more or less, greater than him, I believe I am getting somewhat ill of being indoors, like if we’ve a host of snow days in a row or a host of ill days in a row, and now we’re in the end higher, and it’s a Saturday, I’m more or less in a position to get out of the home. So that you can me, it’s similar to a spot we will be able to opt for two hours, no matter, and simply play with the entire stuff that’s there. 

Elsie: That’s lovable. We move to Barnes and Noble, that’s our determined position. 

Emma: Yeah. Now we have different puts too that’s like little like, you realize, we purchase somewhat craft challenge or we, you realize, no matter, like issues. However this is sort of a position the place we’re now not in point of fact purchasing anything else. We simply purchased the once a year go. And now we simply more or less play, you realize. 

Elsie: It’s in point of fact lovable there. My youngsters love the mattress of nails. 

Emma: His favourite, truthfully, is, it has a miniature golfing direction on one of the most flooring. And he loves it. He’s horrible at it, however he loves it. He loves doing it. So we do this for a very long time and he by no means will get it in a hollow. He’s now not like that love he’s two and a part. However he doesn’t, I don’t assume it registers to him, it’s simply a laugh for him. He loves it. 

Elsie: Aww. That’s lovable. 

Emma: So we do this. 

Elsie: K, what’s your favourite solo wintry weather process? 

Emma: Mine is truthfully the similar in the summertime and wintry weather, and it’s thrifting! I really like going thrifting. 

Elsie: That’s a just right one.

Emma: And I think like wintry weather makes it even higher, as it’s indoors, so it’s like, you realize. 

Elsie: Yeah. K, I sought after to invite for tips from our listeners for a comfy film listing and a comfy guide listing for wintry weather, like issues that you simply assume would both provide you with some get away or, I don’t know, similar to what you are feeling within the temper for all through wintry weather. I unquestionably would really like to observe extra new motion pictures, and so they don’t need to be new, they may well be outdated, however motion pictures I haven’t noticed sooner than. And clearly, like, I want a guide listing that extends till eternity. So I believe studying and looking at motion pictures are one thing that I in point of fact revel in, however like, I am getting caught at the identical form of issues, so I love to amplify my horizons somewhat bit.

Emma: Yeah, I additionally similar to, like having an inventory, as a result of on occasion, you realize, whilst you’re in a position for a damage, like, if it’s like, you were given the whole thing achieved for the day, your youngsters are in mattress, no matter, you don’t have the power to even recall to mind a film to observe, so it’s more or less great to love to have an inventory or have like a sequence you’re going thru. In case you’re like, I don’t wish to take into consideration it, I don’t wish to scroll, I simply wish to put one thing on and kick back as a result of I’m all out of mind energy for the day. So I think that approach about books on occasion the place I’m like, I simply have a complete bunch on my shelf. And I don’t in point of fact must take into consideration the following one. I simply move in there and glance what there’s and I select one, you realize? K. So what a couple of favourite wintry weather outfit? 

Elsie: K. Neatly, I unquestionably have my mother outfit and it’s set and it does now not exchange. So I’ve those fuzzy boots from J. Team, and the article, I’m gonna hyperlink them within the display notes, they’re now not like the very same ones I’ve, however they’re like principally the similar. They have got them annually. However the factor I really like about them is that they’re like fur-lined boots, so I by no means put on socks, I simply put them on and stroll out the door, and it’s find it irresistible doesn’t topic, and I simply love that you’ll like skip that step. So, yeah, my complete whole wintry weather I’m dressed in, like, It’s so unhappy, however no matter, leggings, or pajama pants, after which those boots, all the time those boots on a daily basis. After which I’ve, I can say, a ten out of 10 coat assortment, and I think just like the coat makes your outfit. So that you don’t even in point of fact must, like, put on garments, you simply must have great coats and funky coats and, like, I’ve, like, fluffy ones, I’ve lengthy ones, I’ve ones with fur collars and, like, the entire other more or less, like, so, yeah, my coats are unquestionably, like, the one factor trendy I put on within the wintry weather, however I think find it irresistible compensates and makes me be capable of put on pajamas. Like, it’s the varsity pickup hack of a life-time. 

Emma: Yeah, I’m additionally, I really like dressed in beanies. And I don’t in point of fact put on them in hotter months. So, I’m like, beanie season, my buddies. 

Elsie: Iciness hats are the most productive. I agree. I believe they give the impression of being lovable on me and so they, like, paintings for my taste. However yeah, it’s unhappy in the summertime after I best can put on baseball hats.

Emma: Yeah. I agree. So, it’s like beanie season. So, it’s more or less cool in that approach. Yeah. I’m just about identical. This may be my yr of increasing my frame as a result of I’m pregnant. So, I’m doing a large number of yoga pants with sweaters. You understand? Overalls with sweaters or long-sleeved issues that don’t harm my tummy. 

Elsie: Yeah Do you purchase maternity garments?

Emma: I can have a couple of issues, particularly in opposition to the tip, however truthfully, I put on the similar yoga pants the entire approach thru, after which a large number of my overalls will most probably paintings till principally the tip. However I’m making plans to shop for a maternity suit for the summer time simply because I take our son to the pool so much and so and I plan to try this up till the child comes cuz I find it irresistible. I can say that I received’t do it solo ultimate yr I did it solo so much and this yr I think somewhat extra apprehensive to do it solo cuz I simply can’t transfer as briefly in opposition to the tip my youngsters are very energetic, however can’t swim but. So anyway, there’s lifeguards, you realize as a mother you get somewhat apprehensive, you get somewhat like oh, the place is he? I will’t run as rapid I’ve this giant basketball abdominal. However yeah, anyway. Alright, and yeah, I’m additionally a boot particular person. I really like dressed in socks, despite the fact that. I really like to drag my socks over my yoga pants, so I actually have it on at this time. Like, I think find it irresistible’s an actual, you realize, comfy vibe. 

Elsie: Yeah, I really like socks, too, I simply, like, can’t to find them, I don’t know. 

Emma: Yeah, I do become bored with, you realize, laundry, like the very last thing I do is put the socks all in combination. And it will get outdated, placing the entire socks in combination, it does. That’s a time to hear podcasts and audiobooks. K, how a couple of favourite wintry weather meal? 

Elsie: Oh, in fact. I imply, I unquestionably really feel like we’re pasta queens more or less all yr, however within the wintry weather particularly. However the thing more I’d say is soup. I all the time like soup, however clearly, it’s higher within the wintry weather. And I believe, like, revolving your entire meal round soup. Emma already had, like, a film evening the place we simply had a number of other soups. And I believe it’s additionally, like, my favourite factor about cooking, I believe it’s, like, my batch-working persona is like large foods that you’ll have for a number of days so that you don’t must cook dinner anymore for a few days. Its soup is very best for that. 

Emma: Yeah, particularly if it may be like a circle of relatives meal after which it’s like your lunch, you simply must rewarm it for a few days. That’s like great. ’motive I am getting more or less bored with making lunch only for me. You understand, it’s like I don’t wish to spend a complete bunch of time on it. Some days as a result of I don’t in point of fact have, you realize. So then you definately more or less have already got one thing achieved, which is good. Yeah. I’m principally the similar. The one factor I’d upload is, along with pasta, pizza, selfmade pizza. Find it irresistible. I imply, I’ll take supply, too, however, like, I really like a selfmade pizza. After which additionally, this is more or less a soup, however I’ve been in point of fact into curries in recent years. In particular purple curry, however I additionally love yellow curry. 

Elsie: I don’t assume it’s soup, do you get it from a Thai eating place or an Indian? 

Emma: I am getting it from a Thai eating place and I on occasion make it. As a result of, yeah, it’s beautiful simple to make as soon as you understand how.

Elsie: It’s more or less a soup, however more or less a rice. 

Emma: Yeah, it’s like in that more or less stew class to me. However yeah, I all the time have it with rice. However I’ve been in point of fact into curries in recent years, as a result of you’ll principally lead them to somewhat spicier or now not, relying on the way you’re feeling that day. And I more or less like a highly spiced soup when it’s bloodless outdoor. It’s great. All proper, shifting on. What’s your favourite wintry weather facet dish? Or similar to, wintry weather, now not the principle meal. No longer a dessert. 

Elsie: The whole lot, potatoes. Potatoes, potatoes, and extra potatoes. So, I’d say for breakfast, hash browns. And I additionally like, love making breakfast potatoes. Now we have a recipe on our website online for those, like, breakfast potatoes with rosemary. It’s really easy, however it’s considered one of our, like, favourite breakfasts. My youngsters, like, don’t in point of fact like cereal, and so they don’t in point of fact like candy breakfast, which makes it, like, more or less a large number of paintings. Like, you realize what I imply? It’s like, they don’t in point of fact like several of the straightforward issues that you’ll make. They prefer, like, a hearty breakfast, like, a cooked breakfast.

Emma: They’re in point of fact getting you up. You gotta make the bacon and the eggs and the hash browns. 

Elsie: However yeah, anyway, anything else potatoes this time of yr, I make this factor that we name like Silver Greenback Town meal and it’s like potatoes and peppers after which like we do like turkey sausages reduce up and, you realize what I’m speaking about? It’s like a skillet meal. 

Emma: Roughly like a hash.

Elsie: They have got them at Silver Greenback Town. 

Emma: Yeah, I really like that more or less factor, like with a fried egg over it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. 

Elsie: That’s so just right. 

Emma: So mine isn’t in point of fact an aspect dish, however it’s now not a meal and it’s now not a dessert, and we’re going to do cakes subsequent. And I in point of fact sought after to place it on right here. So I’m clearly obsessive about sizzling tea, however particularly in recent years I’ve been making principally a selfmade model of the Starbucks medication ball. In case you’ve by no means had it, move and order one. 

Elsie: I simply had it. It’s so just right. 

Emma: And I’ve a recipe for it on our weblog. This is in point of fact very identical, and I believe somewhat bit higher than the Starbucks model. However I additionally will make it more or less the lazy approach, which is largely a lemonade packet, now not a complete one, it is dependent upon how giant of a cup I’m making. Lemonade packet, mint tea, peach tea, that’s it. In order that’s just like the lazy model of the Starbucks medication ball. And I make that at all times, and it’s nice when you’re feeling somewhat underneath the elements in case your throat’s sore. Or for me, now not such a lot this month, however like, I used to be very nauseous for a very long time, and it was once really nice for that, as it’s like, you devour a large number of mint and ginger stuff whilst you’re nauseous, and it simply looks like somewhat other, as it had lemon and peach flavors, so it simply was once a pleasant, one thing quite other, however nonetheless like more or less helped with nausea. So anyway, it’s great. 

Elsie: Yeah, I were given that just lately and it’s like the most productive tea drink I’ve ever had from Starbucks it’s in point of fact, in point of fact just right. It has a ton of taste. So yeah, I’m excited to take a look at your recipe. 

Emma: Yeah, the weblog model is a bit more find it irresistible has contemporary mint in it. It has honey in it. It’s now not arduous to make however it’s simply what I’d say is the non lazy model and it’s value it. It’s in point of fact just right. 

Elsie: Great. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I really like, like, whilst you get mint tea and it’s, like, contemporary mint. It’s so uncommon. 

Emma: Neatly, it simply smells so just right along with tasting nice. Yeah. K. So what about your favourite wintry weather dessert? 

Elsie: K. I in point of fact simply have the only. So, I make gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies, and I best lead them to this time of yr. Most commonly after Christmas, most probably most commonly simply sugar cookies, however I don’t in point of fact lead them to in the summer or the nice and cozy climate months until there’s like a birthday party or an important day, however this time of yr, I don’t know. It’s simply extra just like the baking season for me and I really like making them. I gather like cookie cutters and I gather sprinkles and simply the entire various things that you’ll, you realize, use. It’s a large number of a laugh. You’ll move very, very elaborate with how a lot you beautify them, or on occasion I simply let my youngsters beautify them and I don’t even do anything else, and that’s positive too, somewhat too many sprinkles, however it’s a laugh.

Emma: I don’t let Oscar have sprinkles, I simply give him the frostings, the other colours, and let him move ham. 

Elsie: The sprinkles, it’s like a large number of vacuuming. 

Emma: Yep. Numerous vacuuming. Yeah. They get all over. 

Elsie: Yeah. What’s your favourite wintry weather dessert? 

Emma: I even have sugar cookies on there as a result of it’s royal icing sugar cookie season for me as smartly. The opposite factor I’d say is in recent years I’ve been in point of fact into like puddings and custards. Which I don’t essentially recall to mind as a wintry weather factor, however I don’t know. I’ve simply been into it in recent years. Actually, I’ll purchase the pudding cups from the shop, but in addition I’ve been making a large number of stuff. I’ve a in point of fact just right rice pudding recipe. I really like rice pudding. And I’ve additionally been operating on, annually I do one thing at the weblog for my birthday, some more or less dessert. Like a large number of instances a cake. Ultimate yr I did my favourite brownie recipe. This yr I’m going to do tiramisu. So, yeah, and which isn’t essentially all pudding or custard it’s more or less a layered dessert when you’ve by no means had it. However it is vitally pudding custard-based to me and just like the bread layers, the cookie layers are more or less like soaked. So it’s an excessively comfortable, creamy dessert. So anyway, that’s what I’m going to do for my birthday this yr as a result of I’ve been into the puddings and the custards.

Elsie: Lovable. 

Emma: Another wintry weather hacks that we wish to discuss? 

Elsie: Oh, you realize, if somebody has tips, I would really like to listen to them. I believe that this time of yr is a smart time for me, I’m that specialize in my occupation objectives. I’m getting a ton of labor achieved in order that when Emma takes her maternity go away this summer time, I believe I’m additionally going to love more or less take somewhat little bit of the summer time off as a result of my youngsters are house and ultimate summer time I discovered some lifestyles classes about how a lot paintings I may just in point of fact get achieved once they have been house. So yeah, to me, this can be a nice time of yr to paintings in point of fact arduous. After which produce other portions of the yr which can be somewhat extra a laugh. 

Emma: Doing stuff and yeah. 

Elsie: I don’t know, I do to find pleasure in paintings. And so yeah, it’s a great time to love, form of like buckle down on it. However yeah, I don’t have another nice hacks. If we get nice tips for motion pictures and books, I can unquestionably put them up so that you guys can see them, however yeah. Yeah. Learn, learn, learn, learn. 

Emma: K, smartly then it’s time for a shaggy dog story, or a reality, or a meditation with Nova. 

Elsie: Howdy, Nova. How are you this week? 

Nova: Excellent. 

Elsie: What do you will have for us? 

Nova: A shaggy dog story. 

Elsie: A shaggy dog story, ok. 

Nova: What does a cow like to discuss? 

Elsie: What? 

Nova: His moooood. 

Elsie: Oh, his mooooood. I assumed you have been going to mention, what moooovies he likes. K. Have a just right week. 

Nova: Have a just right week. 

Emma: All proper. Thanks such a lot for listening. When you’ve got any questions, podcasts, concepts, or tips for surviving wintry weather, you’ll e mail us anytime at podcasts@abeautifulmess.com, or you’ll go away us a voicemail at 417-893-0011. We’ll be again subsequent week with a convenience rewatch.

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